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What We Do:

Enrichment Programs for schools.
Preschool of Rock inspires creativity, confidence and freedom through caring role models, innovative curriculum, discovery instruments and great music. By blending our curriculum with mathematics, science, language and dramatic play we aim to support the accreditation process of your establishment. We are dedicated to bringing the children we work with the very best in music education.

Why Use Our Program?


We have overhauled our curriculum to collaborate with schools to help fulfill their requirements for accreditation.

Our curriculum DIRECTLY FULFILLS the following criteria:

  • Physical Development
  • Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts

Our curriculum DIRECTLY SUPPORTS the following criteria:

  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Early Literacy
  • Early Mathematics
  • Science
  • Community Resource


Preschool of Rock's success in music education is recognized by influential and respected parent and school resources such as Parents Choice Awards, Midwest Book Review, and Parents Magazine. Preschool of Rock will give any program a competitive advantage.

Class Format Example

* Adjustable for program needs


All programs are conducted in a circle time setting. Our introduction song promotes the use of different languages and actions.


Humming and singing exercise (vibration, tone) are followed by sing-a-longs and imaginative songs that encourage dramatic and pretend play. We use shakers and other percussion instruments to warm up before group drumming exercises.


Beat making, and drumming exercises are integral to our program. During our drumming pattern study we repeat the beat - children are given individual drums and sticks. Our younger babies and toddlers are introduced to rhythm with our large gathering drums.


Each visit offers a new discovery instrument to explore. We discuss musical and scientific terms associated with the instruments. We reveal the anatomy (what), geometry (form), and physics (how) of the instrument.


High energy songs inspiring dance, dramatic play and physical activity. Songs call for specific acting skills and self awareness. To cool down we practice calm breathing and humming.

Curriculum Design

Infants Subtle and gentle delivery

Introducing live music with gentle delivery that satisfies their tendencies to explore. As the year progresses we introduce drums, and various instruments.

Toddlers Fully engaging and hands on

Encouraging verbal exploration, self expression, and creative movement. Exploring drums, and instrument discovery show-n-tell.

Preschoolers Investigation and Performance

Discovery through imagination, pretend play, and creative expression. They start to learn the hows, whats, and whys of music. Syncopated drum circles and pattern study.

Kindergarteners Patterns & Songwriting

Extensive drumming, pattern study and songwriting. Instrument Discovery sessions and more.

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