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Preschool of Rock

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What’s Preschool of Rock All About?

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  • As They Grow Up

    A great upbeat feel that will have your preschoolers moving and grooving!

    Posted May 5, 2013 View More
  • Shakefire

    Preschool of Rock is my new favorite kids music band.

    Posted May 5, 2013 View More
  • New York Family Magazine

    A marker in the evolution of an artist with a passion for inspiring the next generation of music lovers.

    Posted March 3, 2016


  • Michael, We cannot thank you enough for making Isaac’s birthday so unforgettably great. Your visit was seriously a dream come true for Isaac, and everyone loved the show. We look forward to seeing you around and wish you all the best.

    - Paola, New Jersey
  • Michael’s spontaneous and enthusiastic programs keep kids fully engaged. Parents love him!

    - Antonette D’Orazio, Warren Library
  • Everything went really well! Mr. Andy was so great with the kids, and they all really enjoyed themselves. We especially liked the hello man song. We’ve been singing it all day! Thanks for the great entertainment!

    - Anna, New York
  • Mr. Michael, Can’t Thank You enough for making Madeleine’s 2nd Birthday Party extra special. The kids had a rocking good time. Thanks again!

    - Brad, New Jersey
  • Your cds caught my eye at What’s the Scoop so I picked up the 1st one for my 2 year old daughter yesterday. We love it! We don’t live locally, if we did, we definitely would sign up for classes!

    - Marisa, Byram NJ
  • Hey there…Dance Party, the second Preschool of Rock CD, is a real hit in our house… well done….When can we expect CD number 3???

    - Amanda, Bridgewater
  • The children wiggle. They shimmy. They jump. They sing. They march in a circle, morphing into a frenzy of stocking feet and voices. They fall on their bellies and whisper. At various points, they experiment with the tiny instruments that has been dumped onto the carpet in the colorful heap. They shake tiny plastic eggs…that re-creates the glorious “clack, clack, clack!” of cascading gum balls.

    - Laurie Granieri, The Home News Tribune
  • Thanks so much again for making Jordan and Avas birthday party so much fun!! Ava couldn’t have been more excited you were here! Your energy and enthusiasm is beyond contagious! 🙂 Thanks!!

    - Dana, New Jersey
  • Just a head’s up – Ben’s party on Saturday was terrific! Andy was great – and scored big points for learning how to play Island in the Sun for Ben!

    - Lorie, Warren
  • My kids and I are enjoy the heck out of the 2nd album. Got my kids doing the “Robot” all the time. Thanks Mr. M!

    - Jody, New Jersey