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Preschool of Rock

NJ Mommy and Me Music Classes

New Jersey Kids Music Classes You Can Rock Out To!

Preschool of Rock has the Best Toddler Music classes in NJ.


Ok, so you are a parent now. How do you maintain your cool, impart it to your toddler, and have fun doing it? It’s quite simple really; you need Preschool of Rock.

Preschool of Rock offers a “rocking” music education for your child in locations throughout New Jersey.

Why We Have the Best New Jersey Mommy And Me Music Classes

We explore science through our various instrument discovery sessions, math through drumming in patterns and language with our multi-lingual songs. The adult participants find that they learn new things, bond with the child, and wear a smile for the duration of the program.

Our use of live, original music, world instruments, dramatic play, props, movement and storytelling captivate our audiences.   Our students are encouraged to participate at any level at any pace. Children learn the basic “how to’s?” and “why’s?” pertaining to music.

We encourage investigation, discovery, and creativity.

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