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Instead of tape on the white piano keys to show the note value use erasable crayon!


HOWDY EVERYBODY, time for a special pancake groove!

Watch our deeeliciousest pancake video! Grab them bongos and don’t forget to sing along too!

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  • Free Children’s Music Classes

    February 2, 2014

    Free Children's Music Classes

    Free Children’s Music Classes from Preschool of Rock are coming to a location new you!

    Preschool of Rock isn’t just a class, it’s an energetic, educational experience where everyone is performing together.  The more members of the class that are participating, the better!

    Our free children’s music classes will begin on March 10th and continue through March 21st.

    We will be holding free children’s music classes in select locations in New Jersey (Maplewood, Hoboken, Madison, Jersey City, and Edgewater) and Brooklyn (Boerum Hill, Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Prospect Heights).

    We are also excited to be opening up three new locations in Jersey City, Edgewater, and Prospect Heights!

    For a full list of free class locations, please visit our free class location page.

    To register for your free children’s music class, please visit our registration page.

  • Winter Wonder Classes Begin Tomorrow January 6th 2014!

    January 1, 2014
    Preschool of Rock Mommy and Me Class

    Preschool of Rock Mommy and Me Class

    CLASSES START TOMORROW (January 6th 2014) for our Winter Wonder music session!

    Reserve your spot for the original rock music class – warm up with some music!

    A free harmonica and CD for every child!


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  • Preschool of Rock Cooks With Sounds

    January 1, 2014

    The entire Napolitano Family shows us their weekly tradition —Sunday Dinner!

    Preschool of Rock Cooks With Sounds and rocks out the newest Preschool of Rock video. We bring some interesting sounds to the world of children’s music, as our little Napolitano babies, toddlers and preschoolers bang away on the pots and pans!

    Sunday Dinner takes place in early afternoon in Italian families. Preparations begin early for the baking of the bread, the stewing of the sauce and the frying of the meatballs!

    all the family

    Stay tuned for more info, the video Preschool of Rock Cooks With Sounds will be released soon!

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